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Category: Inside information
Published on: SEOnet
Published at:  07.07.2020 19:30
Published document ID: INI-493/20

TELEKOM SLOVENIJE, d.d., Ljubljana

The Strategy of the Telekom Slovenije Group for the Period 2021-2025

Pursuant to the provisions of the Rules of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange and the valid legislation, Telekom Slovenije, d.d., hereby publishes the following notification:

At its second regular meeting, held on Thursday, 2 July 2020, the Supervisory Board of Telekom Slovenije, d.d., gave its consent to concluding an agreement on selling the 100-percent stake in Planet TV, televizijska dejavnost, d.o.o.

The Supervisory Board also adopted Telekom Slovenije Group’s 2021–2025 Strategy. The strategy, which is focused on the digitalisation at the level of business operations, represents the guidelines for drawing up the next strategic business plan.

Telekom Slovenije, d.d., has maintained a high market share in all segments of its operations, and has ambitious and development-oriented goals, even though further general drop in the revenue from core communication services is expected in the Slovenian telecommunications market, which is developed and saturated (including system integration and cloud services).

Telekom Slovenije will provide the latest services tailored to the needs of users (an excellent user experience, the best sales and after-sales customer care, the most advanced and reliable network, convergent plans, additional services beyond the core telecommunications activities, and a comprehensive range of IT solutions and information and cyber security services). Investments in the expansion and upgrade of technologies, accelerated digitalisation, further optimisation of processes and the empowerment of employees will be required also in the future to adapt dynamically to the needs of users.

A summary of the strategy with strategic goals is attached to this notification.

The announcement will also be available on the company’s website (www.telekom.si) for a period of at least 5 years.

The Management Board of Telekom Slovenije, d.d.
Date: 08.07.2020