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Category: Inside information
Published on: SEOnet
Published at:  17.03.2020 12:38
Published document ID: INI-142/20

TELEKOM SLOVENIJE, d.d., Ljubljana

The activities Telekom Slovenije, d.d., related to the coronavirus epidemic

Pursuant to the provisions of the Rules of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange and the valid legislation, Telekom Slovenije, d.d., hereby publishes the following notification:

After the coronavirus COVID-19 began spreading across Europe, Telekom Slovenije, d.d., began preparing activities and adopting the first preventive measures based on its Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) that we have established to activate in the case of disruptive events, and which is certified according to the ISO/IEC 22301 standard. The exceptional meeting of the company's Security Council took place on 25 February 2020, and adopted a special Plan of measures and operations for the event of the pandemic, with the plan of activities including the activation of the National protection and rescue plan. In accordance with BCMS, Telekom Slovenije, d.d., is capable and qualified to provide key services and processes also in emergency situations.

During emergency events, which includes an epidemic or a pandemic, The Business Continuity Management System provides us with the tools for establishing organizational resilience and the ability to effectively respond with key elements including, alongside the care for employees, also the protection of the interests of our business partners, users and other stakeholders. In order to provide support to the operation of services we have an additionally established network of partners who also have established procedures for uninterrupted operations and ensuring support for our society.

For the duration of the declared epidemic and the activation of the National protection and rescue plan Telekom Slovenije, d.d., shall place special attention on ensuring the security of network and services, and the operations, as required for emergency events. During these emergency circumstances we shall put all our efforts, within reasonable possibilities, and in accordance with the requirements of the legislation, towards ensuring the provision of services to all the users of our networks and to mitigate risks. During the epidemic we are faced with a high increase in traffic for voice, data and video services, with 50% above regular circumstances. Network traffic communication capacities are limited, so the current situation is a major challenge for the ICT industry, however, Telekom Slovenije has been managing this successfully so far. Network interconnections between operators are especially occupied, while the communication within the network of Telekom Slovenije, d.d., is uninterrupted. We tailored the work of our experts so that we can monitor network operations and ensure technical support to our users and the special needs of public institutions and businesses for increased capacities and additional services. We are witnessing a massive and fast transformation of remote work and education, and are constantly balancing the capacities of the network if Telekom Slovenije, d.d., which is the most capable network in Slovenia. Our experts utilize the latest technology and equipment  to carefully monitor each network element 24/7/365. In this situation we are also placing special focus on cyber security.

The company is conducting all the measures focused on the protection of human resources, both of our employees and those of the users of our services. On Friday, 13 March 2020, we closed all Telekom Slovenije Sales Centres across Slovenia, directing our users to our digital channels, while employees whose work process permits them began working remotely from home. For this purpose we provided appropriately secured remote access to our employees, and we communicate with them on a daily basis regarding key activities related to the coronavirus that are taking place at the company level.

As a socially responsible company that gives back to the environment we operate in, Telekom Slovenije, d.d., has offered additional free services to our users to ensure carefree communications and remote work and education as soon as the epidemic was declared. We donated to the University Medical Centres in Ljubljana and Maribor for the purchase of ventilators and other equipment for treating coronavirus patients, and are also working on other projects and activities.

Considering the uncertainty and the fact that medical experts cannot yet give an estimate as to how long the measures for limiting the spread of the coronavirus at the national level will last, Telekom Slovenije, d.d., cannot provide a reliable estimate as to the effect of these conditions on the business results and operation of the company and the Telekom Slovenije Group. We will notify all stakeholders about the business results of Telekom Slovenije, d.d., and the Telekom Slovenije Group in accordance with the published 2020 financial calendar.

This notification will be available on the website of Telekom Slovenije, d.d. (www.telekom.si) for at least 5 years from the date of publication.


The Management Board of Telekom Slovenije, d.d.
Date: 18.03.2020