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Category: Inside information
Published on: SEOnet
Published at:  13.04.2018 11:45
Published document ID: INI-295/18

SAVA RE, d. d., Ljubljana

Zavarovalnica Sava, d.d. signs deal for 100% of ERGO osiguranje d.d. and Ergo životno osiguranje d.d.

Pursuant to the Rules of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, d.d., Ljubljana and the Market in Financial Instruments Act, Sava Re, d.d., Dunajska 56, Ljubljana makes the following announcement:

Today in Zagreb, Zavarovalnica Sava, d.d., as the acquirer, and Ergo Austria International AG and Ergo Versicherung Aktiengesellschaft, as the sellers, signed a contract for 100% of the shares in the Croatian-based companies ERGO osiguranje d.d. and Ergo životno osiguranje d.d.

The ownership of the target companies' shares will be transferred to the acquirer after all suspensive conditions have been satisfied.

This announcement will also be available on the Company’s website at www.sava-re.si, at least five years from the date of the announcement.

The Management Board
Date: 16.04.2018