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Category: Inside information
Published on: SEOnet
Published at:  09.02.2018 17:22
Published document ID: INI-90/18


Union hoteli d.d., Miklošičeva cesta 1, Ljubljana, Awarded AAA Gold Certificate Credit Rating

Apart from joining 1.6% of Slovenian companies, receiving the top tier credit rating also confirms the excellence of Union hoteli d.d. operations in recent years.

Union hoteli d.d. have been awarded the gold credit rating of the highest order, according to the Bisnode Rating Agency. As part of an international project, Bisnode has for several years been carrying out annual financial analyses of company operations and awarding credit ratings in 18 European countries, including Slovenia.

According to 2017 analysis, Union hoteli d.d. is listed among the top 6.8 % businesses in Slovenia and thus privy to the highest AAA rating. But this year the company additionally received a Gold Certificate, meaning that it has maintained the highest AAA rating for three years. The company thus joins 1.6% of businesses in Slovenia who have reached the same level of business excellence. Within our field (hotels and similar accommodation), only 10 companies have reached gold credit rating.

This distinct European-level credit rating is reached by the best companies which employ key differentiating business advantages and present the most reliable, credible and low-risk business opportunities to all business partners: clients, buyers, suppliers, insurance companies, banks and other business partners.

“Receiving the Golden AAA credit rating affirms out efforts and investments in upgrades as well as reflects daily efforts by the entire workforce,” said Union hoteli d.d. CEO Mr Matej Rigelnik. “Hotel management means continuous changes and development, all with the aim to meet and surpass guest demands. Our continuous improvements reflect global trends, but we also maintain our key values and mission – based on team spirit, high level of staff professionalism and quality of service.”

Ms Tadeja Čelar, Union hoteli d.d. Executive Director, sees the certificate as a competitive advantage that requires an active policy. “Excellence in business is not the goal, but rather the path. A path that requires a clear vision of who we are and what added value we want to bring to the market,” she added.

The information included in this announcement will be available at the official website of the company Union hoteli d.d., Ljubljana, at http://www.union-hotels.eu/sl/union-hoteli/poslovna-obvestila-union-hoteli-d.d./ , for a period of no less than 5 years from the date of announcement.

Chief Executive Officer
Matej Rigelnik
Date: 12.02.2018